Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook (Paperback)

Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook By Helen Myhre, Mona Vold Cover Image

Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook (Paperback)


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When a small-town cafe in Osseo, Wisconsin, was praised for "some of the world’s best pies" in the best-selling guidebook Roadfood, Helen Myhre and the Norske Nook became famous! The same home-cooking tips Helen shared on "Late Night with David Letterman" she now shares with you. From breads to gravies, meats to jellies, and of course, that celebrated sour cream raisin pie, Myhre shows you how to bring a rich, thick slice of Midwest cooking into your kitchen.

Helen Myhre, a farm wife before she founded the Norske Nook, has retired and still lives in Osseo, Wisconsin. Mona Vold is a journalist and writer who also lives in the area. The Norske Nook still welcomes hungry visitors to downtown Osseo in Northwest Wisconsin, just off Interstate 94.
Product Details ISBN: 9780299172343
ISBN-10: 0299172341
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2001
Pages: 286
Language: English

"The only problem I have with the Norske Nook—home of Helen Myhre’s unsurpassed Banana Cream Pie—is getting to it. The crowds are so large, they show up on satellite photographs. The secret ingredients in Helen’s pie crust— which must be the best pie crust anywhere—are here revealed, at last!"—Michael Feldman, author and radio host of Whaddya Know?

"This book makes me feel like a member of the Myhre family. Helen pulls out a dining room chair, inviting me to sit for a spell.  Over melt-in-the-mouth pot roast and pie, we catch up on the kids and the locals who give Osseo its Lake Wobegon qualities. I'm back home again."—Joanne Stuttgen, author of Café Wisconsin

"Helen Myhre says two things are important for good farm cooking: your hands (‘you have to dig in . . . to know how things should look and feel’) and butter (‘lots of butter’). I'll add one more thing: this cookbook. Helen makes me listen, laugh, and learn."—Terese Allen, author of Hometown Flavor and Fresh Market Wisconsin