Brink: Don't Go Back to Sleep (Paperback)

Brink: Don't Go Back to Sleep By Z. Newell Cover Image

Brink: Don't Go Back to Sleep (Paperback)


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Tormented by the never-ending voices of his inner critic and the 'thought storms' in his mind, a disheartened man travels West on the brink of despair, stopping overnight in a small Nebraska prairie town, where he experiences a surprising inner awakening...

Are you searching for a way to find inner peace, reduce stress and be happier? Follow this inner journey in BRINK and discover a key tool that you can use to help you change the way your thinking and emotions take over your life It is possible to achieve a greater level of inner peace on your own journey or spiritual path...

Inspired by the profound wisdom of Michael Singer's non-fiction work "The Untethered Soul", the author here shares the process of one man's internal struggle to understand, and escape from, the incessant voices of his inner self-critic. Then--moving well beyond the entry point of self-criticism--this simple allegory delves deeply to explore the very nature of thinking and emotions themselves and our relationship to them as human beings. Is it possible to be freed from the 'thought maze' that typically entangles a person in their everyday life? Absolutely

Through the protagonist's journey the larger picture of personal identity and its relationship to thoughts and feelings is revealed, as he unknowingly discovers this age-old key tool of self-awareness that the reader will also be able take away for everyday practical use.

This transformation evolves over the course of only 24 hours...yet magically, time stretches as the mind of the main character opens and his heart begins to truly flow for the first time.

This New Age work falls into the more recently defined genre of Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction. Like James Redfield's The Celestine Prophecy and Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, the subtle--yet powerful--unfolding of this allegorical journey will both captivate and inspire you

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Z's intention with this story is to leave you with a practical 'gift'--a key tool of self-awareness--that will serve you in bringing you inner peace and help bring your own magnificence to life

Product Details ISBN: 9780996237505
ISBN-10: 099623750X
Publisher: Blue Skyz Unlimited
Publication Date: June 15th, 2015
Pages: 214
Language: English