Landing: A Soul Embarks on a Life on Earth (Paperback)

Landing: A Soul Embarks on a Life on Earth By Patti Angeletti Cover Image

Landing: A Soul Embarks on a Life on Earth (Paperback)


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Sweet River is a sleepy little farming community where nothing exciting ever happens; it's also the only home Beth has ever known. When a boy gets caught in a tree with no way down, she is the only one who hears his calls for help and comes to the rescue. As Beth and Joe become best buddies, their guardian angels watch intently, knowing it is their job to keep Beth and Joe safe. Sarah, their future child, is preparing for a return to Earth for another incarnation. So far, all appears to be in order.

Although they aren't aware of it, Beth and Joe agreed to become Sarah's parents when they were spirits awaiting reincarnation. Now they are human beings who have forgotten the agreements they made between themselves and other soul family members. As guardian angels and other guides attempt to impart their wisdom and perspective, Sarah watches with anticipation. She is about to arrive on Earth. Everything must be perfect.

Just when all appears to be coming together as planned, Joe makes a decision that may ultimately affect everyone-and change the course of events forever.

Product Details ISBN: 9781450266505
ISBN-10: 1450266509
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: December 20th, 2010
Pages: 192
Language: English