Cognitive Liberty: An Intrapersonal Voyage of Consciousness Evolution (Hardcover)

Cognitive Liberty: An Intrapersonal Voyage of Consciousness Evolution By Chris P. Younce Cover Image

Cognitive Liberty: An Intrapersonal Voyage of Consciousness Evolution (Hardcover)


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Mankind is at a crossroads. Our social systems are breaking down because we've lost touch with our ecological position in the natural world. We've become utterly distracted by the fast-paced demands of daily life to the point where we've lost track of who we are. We've forgotten how to work as a team and nurture the partnerships that helped us be who we are today. Our neglected partnerships and abusive attitude toward our homeland reflect a mass symptom of ignorance that begs me to question the sanity of modern culture. Our inability to apply our attention to our intention has placed our species into vulnerable territory. Nature beckons us to wake up and remember who's in charge.

The research explored throughout this book is based on the personal evolutionary process of creativity: our way of relating to the world. The reason this exploration is so personal is that it deals with the universal qualities of consciousness, as experienced uniquely by each individual on a subjective level. Thus, the theme of this project is to identify the objective aspect of evolving human consciousness by means of cognitive liberation. This quest is meant to address the peculiar problems of the unconscious and subconscious that shape ordinary experiences. This book considers consciousness as the locus of evolutionary change.

What does it mean to be free from insecurity, to not get caught up in the trap of our minds and carried away from what truly matters in life? Cognitive Liberty offers our bodies and minds a resolution to our being and embrace life as a journey on its own terms. It's a friendly reminder that we're part of a learning process in constant stages of development and indeterminism. The more we're able to have fun with the process, the greater the freedom we experience in return.

Product Details ISBN: 9781662455452
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Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: June 20th, 2022
Pages: 348
Language: English