LeAnn and the Clean Man (Bloodline #2) (Paperback)

LeAnn and the Clean Man (Bloodline #2) By Jeff Shaw Cover Image

LeAnn and the Clean Man (Bloodline #2) (Paperback)


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Lieutenant Trufant chronicled a spiraling homicide detective's determined quest to catch a serial slayer of veterans. Now, the highly anticipated sequel pits one of his suspects in a thrilling game of cat and mouse-where the predator may actually be the prey. . .

LeAnn Haddad finally evades Lieutenant Marcus Trufant in San Francisco after his investigation. Changing her name, she heads to Singapore to hide out in in her brother's "safe house" while she figures out her next move. She doesn't realize she's about to be abducted, drugged, and forced into sexual slavery. Except her captors have no idea what they've brought on themselves. LeAnn escapes leaving their corpses in her wake and sets out on a relentless path to bring down the mastermind of the globe-spanning sex trafficking ring.

Working parallel to LeAnn is Singapore Superintendent Kwan Kim Lai. For the past several years, Kwan's been trying to solve the case of young women going missing and it's been all dead ends-until he gets "help" from this unlikely ally. But can Kwan trust a killer?

"An action-packed thriller and richly developed, intricately nuanced story about the strife of war, the perils of PTSD, and the slippery slope of addiction, Lieutenant Trufant will keep you holding your breath as you build to the deeply satisfying conclusion."

Product Details ISBN: 9781665305969
ISBN-10: 1665305967
Publisher: Booklogix
Publication Date: March 28th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: Bloodline