Housing Humans (Hardcover)

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Housing Humans (Hardcover)


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Empathetic and excellent advice from one of our nation's leading Housing Authority experts, having served in leadership roles across eight major U.S. cities and one in Canada. In his book, Housing Humans- A Vicarious Memorandum, Gene first describes his early childhood and military life and details how his experiences led him to finding his ultimate calling in working to improve the lives of others via affordable housing. Gene later articulates his specific call-to-action for national housing reform. Gene intentionally and authentically explains to readers exactly what the issues are and more refreshing, exactly what the solutions are. Gene finally gives readers a glimpse into some strong leadership lessons he's learned over the years and some applicable advice on how his lessons can easily transform the aspiring leader to an impactful, strategic servant leader.

Product Details ISBN: 9781735778112
ISBN-10: 1735778117
Publisher: Intandem Digital Press
Publication Date: October 12th, 2020
Pages: 156
Language: English