Amanda Harper Paranormal Detective (Paperback)

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Amanda Harper Paranormal Detective (Paperback)


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Am I going to get my soul sucked out by a malevolent spirit? That's what BFF and former police colleague Patience thinks will happen.

My name is Amanda Harper and I am a paranormal detective with the Blue Moon Investigation Agency. As of today, that is, and my first case is at the local shopping mall where terrified shoppers hysterically claim a ghost attacked them in the elevators. Not just one elevator - all of them.

Sounds like an easy enough case, right? That's what I told myself, but nothing in life prepared me for the bedlam I'm about to face.

Despite the craziness, the chases, and the unexpected fighting, I need to solve this thing to justify my employment. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I am doing, I'm still working my notice period in the police, and I have a date tonight. I'll find the ghost, be sure of it, but why, oh why, did I invite sassy BFF Patience Woods to help out.

Get ready for snark-fuelled fun as Amanda Harper goes ghostbusting

If you like action-filled urban mystery books with a strong comedy undercurrent then Amanda Harper is about to deliver. The Blue Moon Investigation series features male and female leads, no graphic sex and very little cussing.

Product Details ISBN: 9781739678135
ISBN-10: 1739678133
Publisher: Stevehiggsbooks
Publication Date: May 1st, 2018
Pages: 126
Language: English