Ephesus: A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Paperback)

Ephesus: A Tale of Two Kingdoms By Mark Abel, Deirdre Lockhart (Editor) Cover Image

Ephesus: A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Paperback)


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When Kingdoms Collide History Echoes Through Eternity

Batush had planned to spend his day working in the Library, but that was before he met the unworldly traveler. Accepting a message of challenge, Batush uncovers an ancient scroll buried by those who fear its message. With Bishop Jonness wanting to keep it hidden and Bishop Gallus craving its sacred knowledge--and both willing to kill for it--Batush is in a race to save his family.

In the modern world, Daniel Fairmont has stepped up to serve his struggling church but finds himself at odds with Nick Hamilton and a woman from his past. Soon a mysterious murder triggers a police investigation, revealing threats and hidden scandal. Nick may be zealous for the church, but his passion is for power. And someone is standing in his way. Daniel--at any cost--he must be stopped.

Swept away in a supernatural clash where they will encounter angels of light and darkness, the paths of two men cross in a battle over what they hold most dear. As kingdoms collide and past meets present, Batush and Daniel must make a choice--a choice of courage and consequence that will echo through eternity.

What Critics Are Saying

Two mesmerizing worlds separated by more than two millennia--so different and yet so very much the same. I laughed, I cried, and my heart raced as I turned pages until 2 a.m. Looking at the clock through bleary eyes--I read on. --Richard Parker --

Supernatural Thriller - Some scenes include violent imagery and other mature content.

Product Details ISBN: 9781951265007
ISBN-10: 1951265009
Publisher: Mark Abel
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2019
Pages: 418
Language: English