Sword Art Online Progressive 7 (light novel) (Paperback)


​The seventh floor of Aincrad—a massive casino where over half the game’s beta testers dropped out before launch. Kirito was among the many who lost everything in its Battle Arena back then. When an informant named Argo the Rat entices Kirito and Asuna with knowledge that could aid in their investigation, the pair soon plunge into the casino’s dark underbelly once more. Meanwhile, the “Elf War” quest also reaches a sudden turning point when a flurry of crises rock the dark elves’ home!
Reki Kawahara is an award winning author best known for his light novel series, Sword Art Online and Accel World.
Product Details ISBN: 9781975339913
ISBN-10: 1975339916
Publisher: Yen On
Publication Date: January 18th, 2022
Pages: 232
Language: English
Series: Sword Art Online Progressive