You're Always Welcome... At the Bloodridge Motel (Paperback)

You're Always Welcome... At the Bloodridge Motel By J. Hunter Richardson Cover Image

You're Always Welcome... At the Bloodridge Motel (Paperback)


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Midnight check-ins. Disturbing blood stains. A family with a standing reservation for over a century. These are a few things you may deal with when burdened with inheriting a motel.

Every two years, a family of seven check-in to the remote Bloodridge Motel. Situated along a highway known for its haunting history of disappearances and murder, the mountain-top lodging borders a national park dedicated to a labyrinth of mysterious caverns. Regularly hosting road-weary travelers and tourists, the Bloodridge rarely receives repeat business, except for The Family.

When the motel is left to the founder's last living descendant, the truth behind The Family and their unnatural origin is uncovered, one body at a time. The reluctant owner's decision to sell the motel sets in motion the unraveling of a decades-old mystery that begs the question, who are The Family and why don't they seem to age?

A horrifying story about loss, isolation, and immortality.

Product Details ISBN: 9798218133719
Publisher: O.S.O.A.
Publication Date: March 8th, 2023
Pages: 262
Language: English